Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cow Boy Boot Bird Houses

The cow boy boot bird house are made from old cow boy boots.They are hand painted and sealed.Ready for the new family's to move in.I have one in the back yard that the wrens make there home in every spring. More to come. Baby shoes,rubber boots.    g.a.s


  1. These are adorable. And the comment box is working! yippee!

  2. These are fabulous! I know a certain neighborhood squirrel that would find one of these a cozy home.
    The comment box is working now!

  3. these birdhouses - if I ever get my garden done I will be loving to have one of your birdhouses to join my collection- just love your design eye and style.

  4. Thank you all for the great comments. g.a.s

  5. Anonymous13/1/12

    Hi gas,
    let the people online,that this boots are in Yuma Az. Janet

  6. I saw your boot birdhouses on Pinterest and loved them so much I tracked them back here to your blog. Low and behold I live in SK too! Love these - you should sell them online at Etsy as I am sure a lot of people have seen them on Pinterest - here is where I first found them

    Thanks for the inspiration I have some old boots I don't want to part with so will do something like this - no where near as nice as yours of course as I am just a DIY'er not an artist.

    I love your painted work boots - they are so cheerful you should put those on Etsy too!