Saturday, October 13, 2012

Old But Beautiful

One of many old homes along the back roads of Saskatchewan.
A peek inside,from the door way.
Well loved. 
Well worn.
This last picture is of my Great Grandparent's home.
 Driving down the many country roads in Saskatchewan you will see old homesteads. Large homes where families laughed and cried together, celebrated holidays and birthdays together. Where memories were made and still remembered. One can't help but wonder? Who lived there?  Who was there decorator?  


  1. I knew we were kindred spirits - my favorite weekend drive-arounds with my girls was to find old homesteads and investigate them - like you it filled my imagination with stories of the family lives.


  2. Saskatchewan is just filled with these old relics. I LOVE going inside and just standing still, you can "feel" the you know what I mean? I've often wished that these old places could talk, tell us their history and the events that took place there. I always imagine the babies that were born and the people who passed away inside these places. If only they could talk...

  3. this would be an awesome place to use in photo shoots! too bad i live so far away!