Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This art piece is called  OPPOSITES  original  g.a.s. design. Fine line sharpie, colored pencil, on sketch paper. 
Last  weekend Mother Nature painted our area with a foot of white fluffy snow. Gone with the color, a fresh new white canvas awaits.


  1. Gum Ball's that's what I see!! You are so talented!!

  2. Thank you.Yes it could be gum balls.

  3. Keep those pens and pencils moving.

  4. I love how the circle looks as if it is hovering over the page. Your use of warm colors set against cool greens and blues is perfect. Joyous and happy as usual a welcome contrast to all this Saskatchewan snow!

  5. Gum balls and JuJu Bee's - does anyone remember that little cube candy? Beautifully done again - you are amazing with your designs and colors and unique-ness! xxruth

  6. Thank you every one I must get back at the art.

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  8. where in SASK are you? I am in Wainwright Alberta!