Thursday, March 14, 2013

Waiting,Waiting and Waiting.

This is what the back yard looks like today.

This is the back yard last summer. It will look like this again soon. I hope. It has been a busy long winter. We were blessed with our first Grandchild in Nov. a baby boy. The end of Nov. I had knee replacement surgery.All is heeling very well. In Feb. we were again blessed with our second Grandchild another baby boy. All families are healthy and happy and doing great.As I sit here looking out the window it is yet again snowing.They say spring is around the corner.Which corner would that be? AAAHH soon I hope.


  1. Ah, summer ... I can hardly wait!

  2. Spring will come, and then the heat of summer! You just have to fill your world with color via paint and fabric for now, not a bad option really.

  3. So true!So true!

  4. Hi, Gaye! I'm glad to see your blog and say Good morning! Kalona brought us together in The birthday Club 2012 and i remember your cards. I wish you a wonderful spring.