Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mass production of the handmade kind

                          these are the steps of mass production of the handmade kind
                          1: find and purchase blankets or have friends and family purchase for you,
                                     must pay friends and family.
                          2: felt all blankets
                          3: iron on or trace patterns to blankets      
                          4: cut out pieces of pattern

                          5: arrange different owl pieces together according to sizes

                          6: pick out thread and accents for owls
                          7: gather all items together with needle and thread
                          8: start stitching owl
                          9: finish stitching owl
                          10: stuff owl
                          11: sew label on back of owl
                          12: sew owl closed

                          13: most important step sew name on bum!
                Original   g.a.s. art design
                 check out my web page  www.gasart.ca 

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