Wednesday, December 4, 2013

OWLS.One is never enough!!

It all started with one owl ornament. But one just wasn't enough. While stitching and stuffing the ideas started to roll. Now I wonder what they would look like if I designed my own pattern a little bigger?

Kind of cute. About 6x6.

Maybe I should make a new pattern. Bigger.
These are about 16in. tall x16in. wide at there wing span. Acrylic felt. Hand stitched, stuffed with poly fill.
original  g.a.s. design.


  1. OMG! These little guys are fabulous, I love them! Sometimes as an artist we find a project that the Universe meant just for us...this was meant just for you girl. What a perfect way to express the color and whimsy of your style. I hope you might sell some??

  2. Thanks,they are just so much fun to make.Each have there own personality that pops up as I make them.I just can't stop. lol.Yes I have some for sale!!