Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blooming In The Garden

Lilies blooming in the flower gardens this week.

This is a new one this year.

This one is also new.

The weather has been very hot this week. There are so many forest fires in B.C., Alberta and Northern Saskatchewan. There is just a haze and the smell of smoke in the air. Ripped apart one of the back flower beds the treated landscape ties we put in a few years ago had already rotted. Also removed to Elder trees that the cats had used for a scratching post. There was no bark left on the bottom of the trees.Well this is all for this week.Linking up with
Friday flaunt your flowers.

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  1. Lily season is without a doubt one of the best times in the gardening year... our asiatics in Wi. are starting to go over but there are hundreds of LO's and Orienpets to replace them and the fragrance is amazing. I recognize several of your cultivars... I especially like 'Lollipop' which is your first one if I'm not mistaken... Larry